Soake Plunge Pools

This isn’t just any ordinary pool. Crafted from top-tier concrete in a certified NPCA facility, your Soake Pool provides the same enjoyment as a standard pool, alongside several additional benefits.

  • Quick Installation: Your Soake Pool, delivered fully finished, can be installed in just days, whether above ground, partially recessed, or fully recessed.
  • Highly Customizable: Tailor your pool with three size options, a range of custom tile designs for the interior, and various materials like rock, slate, or tile for the outer walls, ensuring it complements your outdoor space perfectly.
  • Cost-Effective: Utilizing a cast-formed manufacturing process and smaller size, Soake Pools are a more affordable and efficient alternative to on-site pool construction.

Let’s rethink how you envision adding a pool to your home. Get in touch with us to learn more about Soake Pools and how we can design an outdoor retreat that fulfills all your needs.

Friesen Landscaping Services - Water Features
Friesen Landscaping Services - Water Features


Full Plunge (13' x 7')

Our most popular size offers maximum space and water volume while still being small enough to be extremely efficient and easy to maintain.

Medium Plunge (10' x 6')

Have a slightly smaller yard or prefer a smaller pool? Our medium plunge pool is the perfect choice and still has room for many!

Petite Plunge (8'9" x 6')

This is the cutest little 9-ton pool on the market! Perfect for solo plunging, couples or small groups.

Square Plunge (7' x 7')

Our square plunge is designed with all-around seating and is shallower than our other plunge pools. Available in a “calm” or “jetted” option.

Cold Plunge (4' x 4')

Our cold plunge is specifically designed for maximizing the health benefits of cold plunging. Into contrast hydrotherapy? Install two, side by side, and keep one hot and one cold!

Choose Your Bench and Steps

Soake Single Step

A single step leads to a tiled sitting bench for the ultimate lounging experience.

Soake Multi Step

For those who prefer more steps, this option still provides plenty of room for seating.

Soake Square Step

This option is only available on our 7’x7’ plunge pool and provides all-around seating.

Choose Your Tile

Standard Tile Options

All of our large format porcelain tiles are anything but standard and have been hand-selected for beauty and durability.

Premium Tile Options

Our Premium Tile collection has been curated to include some trendy, modern or more unusual options.

Mosaic Tile Options

The sky is the limit here. If you can dream it, we can design it. Choose from our favorite designs or design your own!

Choose Your Safety Cover

Automatic Cover

Our fully retractable automatic cover opens with the flick of a switch and keeps your plunge pool protected.

Textured Folding Spa Cover

This lightweight, practical cover is available in five colors and includes handles for easy maneuvering.

Wooden Roll Cover

Made with love by our friends on the west coast, this cover combines beauty with function.

Choose Your Options

Standard Features & Equipment
  • Fully-tiled interior

  • Salt water sanitation system

  • Variable speed pump and filter

  • LED color changing pool light

  • Engineered and reinforced concrete shell

  • Tiled concrete bench with single step

  • App-based automation to control your pool from your smartphone

    Optional Features & Equipment
    • Propane or natural gas heater

    • Electric heat pump (for warmer climates or seasonal use)

    • Multi-step tiled concrete bench

    • Waterfalls or return jet fittings over bench

    • Lockable pool cover

    • Static swim system (for exercise with resistance)

    • AOP sanitation

    • Floating pool alarm

    • Hide skimmer lid